Teacher + Mentor

Welcome to Coco Holistic

Over the past 5 years I have studied and worked in over 1000hrs+ of trainings, 1:1’s, retreats, teachings and somatic practices

I use my core principles of the nervous system, relationships, sense of spirt and the self, to help you understand the true nature which lies inside of you

I incorporate my professional background in herbalism, yoga, trauma informed coaching, meditation, reiki, astrology and the best teacher- my own life honest experiences.

I am extremely passionate about

holistic education

My goal is to hold space and teach so you feel regulated, curious and in tune whilst growing, healing, learning and transforming

I host workshops, retreats and circles in Devon and across the EU. My approach to teaching starts with an educational foundation integrating practical elements



To heal with longevity we need to look at our bodies with a full integrated perspective.

Our body and mind work in direct connection. The classic western medical route follows separate treatment. Holistically there is no difference, all is one.

The body keeps the score: 90% of Information is perceived through our senses, the remaining 10% is processed within the mind

South West Devon

Where down to earth is not just an expression

Devon is raw, grounded and magically un-apologetically abundant in the natural world.

A space where ocean meets land, Devon creates a down to earth energy- powerful, grounding, safe, space and freedom.



The first forty days

The first forty days

The human body can only endure 45 units of pain- but during childbirth a woman can endure up to 57 units of pain- that's equal to 20 fractures at a...

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My Journey to Motherhood

My Journey to Motherhood

When a women travels in her birth to collect the soul of her child, they say she reaches a state of ecstatic bliss. But to arrive here, first she m...

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Boundaries + Interdependence

Boundaries + Interdependence

Living life on a conditioned autopilot can be exhausting. This blog post is around creating and welcoming healthy, supportive relationships into yo...

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