Ready to heal your nervous system?

This transformative journey gives you the capacity to change your life

Do you feel overwhelmed by situations? Can’t make decisions or struggle to trust? Have a hard time feeling safe and confident in your body? Feel like you just about manage your mental and physical health?

Are you ready to make the changes in your life for better relationships, finances, purpose and body mind health?

Then you are at the right place.

I’m here to get you to the root cause of your symptoms, guide you back into alignment with your authentic self and start living a life of peace, presence and connection.

I am extremely passionate about

Drawing out potential from the inside

I understand the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do next or even how to get to the next chapter. I know resistance, feeling stuck, rock bottom and how trauma impacts your sense of purpose, security and relationships.

Over the last 5 years I have transformed chronic trauma showing up as PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and trust issues to a profound connection to myself, nurtured deep authentic relationships, creating a solid sense of purpose and most importantly presence, safety and joy in my life

For me, I did a lot of my work alone, I studied in MTHS trauma informed coaching and mentorship programs, took 800hrs training in yoga and meditation, took a degree in herbal medicine and became attuned to reiki healing.

After spending 3 years inward studying, learning exactly how trauma impacts our nervous system and quality of life I created my mentorship program

When The Body Says Yes

This program has been designed with you in mind. It contains the platform you need to transform your life from surviving to thriving without having to do it all alone.

If you feel truly ready to take this journey that is no band aid solution but one which truly gives you the framework to heal yourself, your relationships, your finances and your life purpose, then this is for you

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I can’t wait to meet you and to start this work together


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To heal with longevity we need to look at our bodies with a full integrated perspective.

Our body and mind work in direct connection. The classic western medical route follows separate treatment. Holistically there is no difference, all is one.

The body keeps the score: 90% of Information is perceived through our senses, the remaining 10% is processed within the mind

South West Devon

Where down to earth is not just an expression

Devon is raw, grounded and magically un-apologetically abundant in the natural world.

A space where ocean meets land, Devon creates a down to earth energy- powerful, grounding, safe, space and freedom.



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