Holistic Healing + Health

The vision

Cocoholistic is an alternative healing platform combining and creating herbal remedies with life coaching to support your life journey and wellness

Formulating natural herbal medicinal apothecary products alongside trauma informed life coaching to specifically restore the nervous system in symptoms of burnout, anixety and depression into transformation, reclamation and restoration.


Nervine Collection

Where it all started

Cocos vision

Coco has spent years in trainings, education and self healing experiences looking for solutions to heal the system naturally.

Staying clear of the classical medical route, she knew there was something else to be discovered than 'just the symptoms'

After going through her own personal health challenges and healing holistically, she found and studied herbal medicine, yoga, breathwork, trauma informed coaching and became fascinated by the nervous system

Her vision went on to create natural medicine and a lifestyle for people to heal internally and to find long lasting connection to the earth and themselves.

The story behind it

The Apothecary

The Apothecary has been created to empower you through your healing choices.

It is a lifestyle and philosophy created to remind you of the healing powers that exist inside of you.

In the apothecary you will find insence burning, good conversation, the kettle boiling and ample plants and herbal matter being transformed into alchemy.

Connecting to the land


Devon is raw, grounded and magically un-apologetically abundant in the natural world.

When Coco first discovered Devon in 2019, she knew it would be where her roots and vision would be solidified.

In 2021, her decision to sell her previous health food Deli and move from Mallorca, Spain was made and the Apothecary was founded.

She trained in Herbalism with Jane Wallwork at the Plant Medicine School, Exmoor, Devon

the blog

Coco Holistic Insights

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Wholesale and Retailers

We work with cafes, health food stores and retailers to supply our apothecary products; Contact us for trade prices