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Transformational Day Retreat Dartington, Devon

£120.00 GBP


Do you want to learn to feel relaxed, energised, present and centred in your body?

During this one-day retreat, you will learn the importance of breathing, eating, sleeping, and exercising. By transforming your daily routine, you will unlock your body's natural healing abilities.

We offer something different than booking an escape and relaxation retreat. Instead, we endeavour to teach you how to draw a sense of relaxation and energy into your daily life.

Over our time together, we will teach you the secrets of the nervous system and how to tap into your body's innate wisdom to bring out a sense of inner peace and calm.

Leaving this day, you will have discovered:

  • How stretching releases stored tension in the body
  • Breathwork for increasing your daily energy and immunity
  • Breathwork for relaxation and release
  • Healing your nervous system to gain more profound self-confidence and trust
  • The cleansing secrets of your morning routine to replenish your body
  • Setting intentions to create a meaningful life

Plant-based, gluten-free whole foods will fuel your transformation. During the day, you will nourish yourself with morning juice, energy refreshments, and a revitalising lunch. And where would we be without dessert?

You will have the opportunity to walk in the serene atmosphere of the Glade's woods, giving you time to integrate what you are learning and bathe in the forest, increasing immunity and vitality.

To end the second part of the day, we will light a cleansing fire pit and invite you to let go of limiting beliefs and cast aside anything that does not serve your daily routine. 

We cannot wait to welcome you on this unique educational day and provide you with tools and an empowered, self-healing mindset to take forward.



Relaxation is still a focal point of our retreat, and the space brings precisely that.

Held in a serene woodland setting next to the river Dart, The Glade, Dartington, has outstanding natural beauty. Immersed deep within the pine tree forest, it is hard not to feel peaceful and present.  

During the day, we have private use of The Glade's facilities. The site includes an insulated all-weather wooden yurt with a log burner, an outdoor canopy area under the treetops, a natural fire pit, and a carved masterpiece treetop table where we will feast over lunch.



Retreat leaders Coco and Elliott combine their science and personal healing knowledge to bring you a transformative day-long journey of holistic health education and time to reflect.


Coco specialises in healing the nervous system and personal transformation. 

Combining her professional skills and personal experiences, she provides the educational foundation and tools to apply in present-day life so that you can heal dis-ease in the body and live a life of connection, joy, and presence.

Coco's path consisted of healing from toxic relationships, which left her in a very dark place mentally and physically. Healing from trauma, which manifested into sleep issues, depression, anxiety, hypervigilance and chronic mystery pain in the body, her work resided in regulating her nervous system. Her experiences taught her how to discover and implement her boundaries, break the cycle of co-dependent relationships, and choose her path over pleasing others. 

She now strives to help others tap into their innate inner peace and power so they can feel a strong sense of inner trust, presence, and confidence in their lives.

Coco is trained in RYA 800hr of yoga and meditation, an ICF-accredited Trauma-Informed Coach and Educator, a Certified Herbalist, and a Reiki healer. She works specifically with the Somatic workings of the body to heal the mind and overall health.


Elliott is a holosomatic breathwork therapist, nutritionist, Heroic coach, and plant-based business innovator. With a foundation in biomedical science, he combines the scientific knowledge of the body with holistic healing methods. 

Scientific research in medical and alternative health fields tries to label and diagnose mystery illnesses. Manifesting symptoms such as SIBO, gut dysbiosis, histamine intolerance and mould toxicity, Elliott's labels had no clear healing path, with doctors' advice and protocols often making things worse. 

It was only through unconventional methods, increasingly supported by science, that Elliott finally took steps toward authentic healing by implementing a framework to identify and cure the underlying causes of infection, toxins, stress/trauma, and severe deficiencies. 

Using what he continues to learn, implement and live, Elliott infuses breathwork, nutrition and a grounded mindset to empower others to tap into their healing capacity and release anything standing in their way. 



  • 9-930am: Opening morning stretch with Coco
  • 930-10: Cold Pressed Juice and Snack
  • 10-11: Breathwork for energy with Elliott
  • 1115-1215: Healing your nervous system with Coco
  • 1230-1pm: Cleansing and Nutrition with Elliott
  • 130-3: LUNCH BREAK
  • 3-4: Breathwork for Sleep and Stress Elliott
  • 4-5: Building Intuition Meditation with Coco, Fire pit and Closing


Please get in touch; we would be delighted to answer any questions.

We can also offer a split payment.

We will be in touch before the day with an email about what to expect/bring.

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