coco holistic

Coaching | Mentoring 60 Minute Session

£65.00 GBP

Welcome to 1:1 personalised support where we focus on growth, healing and regulation

These sessions might be for you if you:

  • Feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and are looking for support to regulate your nervous system to gain better sleep, clarity and vision in your life
  • Want to feel confident in the decisions you make
  • Are noticing cycles which you are trying to break but need some extra support and guidance

I help you break cycles to transform and create powerful relationships with yourself and others

My work focuses on:

  • Personal growth in all aspects of life
  • Building self esteem, confidence, trust and resilience 
  • Creating deeper, authentic + aligned relationships
  • Nervous system regulation

Using my background education in trauma informed coaching/mentoring, my own life experiences, backed with my herbal medicine degree and yogic, energetic education to understand the body and mind; we work together by meeting you where you currently are to unpack, process and resolve to move forward with confidence and trust that you are on the right path

These 1:1 sessions are individual and ad hoc which means you do not need to make a 6-8 week commitment to work with me

After payment you will receive an confirmation email to guide you to a booking slot of your choice


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