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Calming Nervous System Tincture

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I created this tincture to allow your system to find peace in moments of anxiety and stress.

The tincture once taken over a period of time will build up what has been frazzled and frayed in the nervous system

The ingredients are organically grown and cold macerated and extracted over a 28 day moon cycle

This tincture contains:

  • Lemon balm (Melissa) organically home grown, rich in lemony scent + part of the nervine family- supporting the nervous system; before sleep, gently strengthens, promotes focus and improves stress related symptoms; anxiety, tension, headaches + mood
  • Skullcap (Scutellria) organically home grown, a strong nervine + sedative- a natural antispasmodic helps to relax muscle tension associated with stress and or trauma. Highly recommended for nervous system exhaustion. 
  • Glycerin + distilled water to extract the medicine

The tincture has been formulated for calming affects to anxious individuals struggling to find balance and grounding in the body. Please note, this product is not to cure prevent or treat illness 

Safe, be careful with interaction of sedative medication. Don’t give to children under 10.

Take up to 20 drops daily, as and when needed.

30 or 50ml tincture dropper amber glass bottle

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