Geranium Essential Oil

Gentle Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens)

Why Working with this essential oil promotes giving and receiving love.


Geranium blossoms wonderful pink rosy petals alongside vibrantly decorative frilled green leaves and tough woody, earthy stems.


Whilst botanically it is beautiful to look at and smell, emotionally and energetically geranium acts as a guardian, nurturing self love; providing warmth for hearts that have been hurt and on a journey to find the strength to love again.


Science behind working with essential oils:


When inhaling and exhaling essential oils, this process draws messages to our body and brain. 

As essential oils enter your blood stream through your lungs, they communicate through your olfactory system- parts of your brain which influence your psychological functions- 

Your sense of smell directly impacts your emotions.

Aromatics immediately hit the olfactory sensors ie. The smell of cooking before you enter the house- it has already impacted your limbic centre- the brains emotional control centre, the place where memories are stored.


Creating emotional anchors to smells helps you to connect to your courage, grounding and bravery.

It helps you transmute unwanted energy into emotional stability and elevation


Geranium Essential Oil:


I have paired geranium extensively over the Apothecary at cocoholistic; not just due to the initial smell behind the flower, but the emotional medicine it provides.

Geraniums medicine reminds you that you are worthy of love, and do not need to seek it through the approval of others. You are enough as you are. Embodying this belief starts to cultivate the space to receive and give love simultaneously.


It has a way of transmuting energies into a softer, palpable, warmer space.

It assists to dissolve anger, frustration and fiery tempers.

If you have a tendency of holding in your emotions until you burst, this is a good flower to help you find different types of healthy expression to find balance and harmony with yourself.


The floral loving notes will uplift your spirit during challenging times or as a pre-sleep soother.


Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is an oil associated with the heart chakra, a place where we give and receive love.

When we give too much, we can have an overactive heart chakra, often forgetting to give ourself the compassion and kindness we give to others; geranium has a way to balance that, equalising relationships with others and yourself.


When we are young; we give much trust and openness into our close relationships of family, friendships, romances. Circumstances might arise and we can feel betrayed and hurt.

The trust we once only gave has been lost.

Geranium has the ability to assist fears associated with this loss; rewriting the script and re-entering relationships with a wiser light, a deeper connection to yourself.


Coco Holistic Signature Blend:

Drop into your diffusor or add into a DIY essential oil roll blend. Very grounding and holding.


Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens)





Geranium Meditation:


Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed

Centre into your body by feeling your feet on the floor, taking a deep inhale and a longer exhale

Draw your attention to you. 

Close your eyes and visualise a bright pink light in the centre of your eyes.

Settle in here.

As you see the light, start to imagine it as geranium petals.

They slowly start to open into a beautiful flower.

Seeing this flower, allow the cells of your entire body to receive the love and acceptance this flower carries.

Feel the warmth and nourishment grow inside your being.