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Nervous System Regulation Online Course

Ā£37.00 GBP

This prerecorded online course has been created for you to work through within your own time and pace

What is this course going to give you:

  • Foundational science behind the nervous system
  • A Trauma informed approach to what happens when the brain is triggered + understand why your body can react in a certain ways

Who is this course for?

  • You are wanting to deepen your relationship with your own body
  • You are looking to develop stronger regulation practices
  • You are looking to lessen daily stress/anxiety/gain better sleep
  • You are looking to understand the science behind the NS

Why should I choose this course?

šŸŒ±There is a lot of self help courses out now- my course specifically comes in with the niche perspective of being trauma informed
šŸŒ±That means I help people who have gone through difficult experiences understand why they experience certain feelings whilst growing into great potentialĀ 

Other takeaways this course offers:

  • Tools to apply
  • Exercises
  • Reflective coaching questions
  • Material to steer you forward in grounded + sustainable growth

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