trauma informed + spiritual

Coach + mentor

Hi, I am Coco

You are in the right place if you:

  • Are tired of feeling on edge, nervous, anxious, are experiencing symptoms of overwhelm and stress
  • Struggle with trusting others or yourself and want to feel confident in the decisions you make
  • Are noticing cycles which you are trying to break

I help you to break cycles and create a powerful relationship with yourself and others

My work focuses on:

  • Building up self trust, confidence and resilience 
  • Creating deeper, authentic + aligned relationships
  • Nervous system regulation

I have over 1000hrs of trainings + client work around trauma informed practices, yoga, the body and medical herbalism, the nervous system, relationships and attachment styles.

Alongside my professional education, I am a trauma survivor of emotional betrayal. I know the complications of how trauma can show up in the body today and the steps needed to break through old belief systems

I focus on all of the bodies elements creating a holistic held platform- spiritual, emotional, physical and mental


Book A call

I offer a 20 minute free introduction call prior to your first session to see if we are the right fit for each other

Following this call the sessions are about creating a safe container for you to explore and learn how trauma symptoms could be impacting you now and how to start moving forward.

As your mentor + coach I will always shift your perspective to the future, not the past. I work this way because I want to help you create a recovery rooted in the best version of yourself.

Afterwards I follow up with breakthrough notes and tools for you to integrate

Hourly Rate: £60

Please note- I am not a qualified therapist, I am a trained trauma-informed coach/mentor. I know the complications of how trauma can show up presently. I do not work with the traumatic event(s). My tools are rooted in creating new desired behaviours to break old cycles.

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The most important relationship starts with the one to yourself