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After facing her own life and health challenges, Coco became fascinated in the body’s internal system and consciousness.

Coco was determined to stay clear of the classical western medical route, knowing there was something else needing to be acknowleged than ‘the symptoms’

She studied intensively to educate herself on mind/body connection and consciousness. Her training included 1000hrs+ Coaching, yoga, meditation, breathwork, psychology and trauma, reiki and traditional herbalism.

On her own journey of healing, she envisioned to create natural medicine and a lifestyle for people to find an true deep connection to their authentic self.

Coco Holistic was founded in 2021 and the Apothecary created in 2022. Each product created has an individual story + Intention behind them.

Coco offers 1:1 transformational Coaching/Mentoring for people who are wanting to discover their personal journey of consciousness and self-growth. Coco is passionate about living in connection with your own truth and authenticity and strives to hold the space, so you can find your inner wisdom. She is avaliable online or in person (South Devon)

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step