Coco became fascinated by the mind/body connection, the nervous system and how the body stores trauma after overcoming her own post traumatic stress symptoms into post traumatic healing + growth

Seeing first hand how trauma is not just the event, but what is stored in the body Coco led her work and study into the dedication of trauma recovery.

Qualified in:

  • MTHS Trauma Informed Coach
  • Folklore herbal medicine degree
  • 500+ hours RYA Yoga teacher
  • Reiki Energy healing

Combining her experience, expertise and education on trauma and herbal medicine; Coco specifically works to intergrate and restore the body creating new possibilities

book coaching

I offer a 15 minute free introduction call and pdf on how I work as a coach and how we co-create together.

Following this call the sessions are about creating a safe container for you to explore and learn how trauma symptoms could be impacting you now and how to start moving forward

Afterwards I follow up with breakthrough notes and tools for you to intergrate

1 hour online call or south devon in person: £60

Contact me to book below

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step